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Forrest Missar is passionate about helping his clients find the home of their dreams in the beautiful Lower Mainland of BC. He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the real estate market; specializing in urban properties. Forrest is a west coaster to the core. Born on Haida Gwaii, raised in Ucluelet on Vancouver Island, he has spent the last 16 years in Vancouver. With strong roots in the lower mainland, Forrest has a well-developed sense of the local communities, and knows all the ins-and-outs of the city. Initially employed in the building industry, Forrest has learned the intricacies of home and high-rise construction, in 2009, a workplace accident ended this career but opened the door to a career in real estate. With his passion for building, the real estate industry, and getting to know different people, Forrest has transitioned seamlessly into the Real Estate business.

Forrest’s construction experience offers buyers an informed perspective on the integral aspects of home buying and selling. His knowledge base has proved extremely beneficial to his clients’ time-and-time again.


 Forrest’s approach to real estate is client centered; he prioritizes getting to know his clients and their unique needs, taking care of them from beginning to end of the transaction. Forrest believes “There truly is no place like home” and the ability to provide for the client’s future through appreciating real estate investments is a priceless component of the Real Estate business. He experiences great satisfaction in focusing his energy on helping clients make the best decisions for them. An exceptionally loyal clientele, personal referrals, and repeat business form the foundation of Forrest’s career. With the goal of ensuring an efficient and complete service for clients, Forrest’s associates have been carefully selected from the very finest providers in the business to form a close-knit referral team, offering seamless assistance to you for every aspect of your home purchase or sale.

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For Buyers

Are you Ready?


Home ownership has been a part of the Canadian mind set for generations and pride of ownership is a very sought after thing. With no landlord looking over your shoulder you are able to make improvements how you want! Home ownership will also be one of the best investments you will ever make.


Instead of paying rent you are paying your mortgage. A portion of every payment gets put toward your principal loan on your home. Why pay someone else’s mortgage when you can plan for your own home ownership!


Real Estate will always be a good investment with the least amount of risks and the most amount of gain. After all how many investments can you live in? In the recent past, Canadian Real Estate has appreciated drastically and many homeowners have benefi ted from the increase in property value.

For Sellers



Homes attract the most attention in the first two weeks from the listing date. You need to be realistic with your price, don’t go fishing. If you price a home well, it will sell quickly. You want your home to be represented well on the market, homes that sit for a long time don’t generate good feedback.


Buyers are looking for homes online before contacting an agent these days. You want your home to show well 24/7 and good photos matter. Also, condition of your property is extremely important. Fixing small things (ie. painting damaged walls, broken hinges on doors, broken screens, etc) are important because its all about first impressions.


You always need to consider what the market and the competition are doing. Market is directly tied into the price of your home. If you ask too much you will then be competing with homes that offer more land, luxury, space, etc. effectively ruining your chances to sell quickly. Too low, and people start to wonder what is wrong with the property.


Hiring a real estate marketing professional like myself is incredibly important to make sure that your home gets the proper exposure it requires to sell it quickly and for the most amount of money. Don’t put the future of your investment in the hands of a inexperienced REALTOR® that may not know what is needed to be successful. My customized marketing plan will be your properties best friend!



Client Testimonials

I work in the real estate industry, and approached Forrest thinking I would be able to take myself through most of the homebuying process, and would only rely on him for a few administrative tasks. Little did I know. Forrest provided me with listings suiting my needs, introduced me to a mortgage broker who saved me thousands on my mortgage, negotiated with the seller’s agent, prepared the purchase documents (including a few clauses I wouldn’t have included, that saved me thousands when the seller was difficult on a few items), and read years worth of strata & engineering documents. I felt a lot better about my purchase knowing that together we had done thorough due diligence and gotten the best possible price (and a last minute adjustment in my favour!).

- Chris Madsen


Thank you for your help with the recent purchase of our condo! We are really happy with the new place. You were wonderful to work with throughout the house hunting and purchasing phases. We appreciated your attention to detail, your friendly attitude, and especially your ability to work with a very difficult seller on our final purchase. It was also great that you brought ideas that were a bit outside the box. We would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family!

- Allison Holden-Pope


Forrest Missar is not just a realtor, he’s a home buyer's advocate: patient, personable, persistent and supportive. He listened carefully to our needs in terms of neighbourhoods, price and aesthetics, and never pressured us to compromise. When we finally found the place we were looking for, Forrest moved quickly and negotiated a purchase price in our favour - below assessment! If you’re wading through the Vancouver real estate market, you definitely want Forrest on your side.

- Robert K.


When I started looking for my first home I had a long (confusing) list of what I thought I wanted. To be honest, I didn’t really know what I wanted, and I certainly didn’t know where to start. Forrest was so patient with me even though I changed my mind nearly everyday. Every time I changed my must have list, Forrest would have new listings ready for me to see. He turned something daunting and terrifying into something fun, relaxed, and pressure-free. I really don’t know why people say buying a home is stressful; maybe they just didn’t have the right agent. Even a year after living in my house, Forrest still checks in to make sure I am happy. It is that kind of care for his clients that makes him someone I recommend.

- A Turner


When I decided to sell my apartment Forrest promptly had a buyer and made it very easy process all the paperwork. We got a good value for the apartment with little impact on my time. Other Realtors had listings that had been up for many months but within a few weeks the apartment was sold and the paperwork was finalized. I'd recommend him to anyone who wants a professional Realtor to serve their Real Estate needs.

- Dan Kelly


Forrest Missar?

A wonderful, fantastic and helpful realtor.

In selling my house he was helpful in suggesting the sale price with no demands, but at the end it was my choice in deciding on the price.

When comes to buying the new place he was there to show the unit to me with no problems.

Any information I needed about a new unit on sale. He will make an effort to find all the information.

I would recommend Forrest Missar for your next realtor.

- Sandra Low


Having just moved from London, UK, we thought we were prepared for the craziness of purchasing a new home in Vancouver. Little did we know! Forrest did a fantastic job of introducing us to the Vancouver market. We had high hopes and exacting standards. Luckily, we had someone in our corner who was calm and personable who helped guide us through the process of finding the right home for our family. We’ve been living in our new home for over a year now and can unreservedly say that the location and the space are perfect! Thanks again, Forrest 

- Gillian Russell


Forrest Missar helped me to find a flat last year. After discussing my budget and what it was I was looking for, Forrest set up appointments to see quite a few places. He was very patient with me and listened closely to what I had in mind. His attitude was always very positive and upbeat and he offered a lot of very good advice. He eventually found me a wonderful one bedroom suite in a fantastic building. I couldn't be happier with it. In addition to helping me find the flat, he also arranged for me to speak with a Mortgage Broker and a Notary Public; both of whom were very professional and wonderful to work with. Forrest still checks in from time to time to see how I'm getting on. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a place to buy.

- Giuliana Baracco


I had a very specific idea in mind of what I was looking for, and it was a long journey to find it! Forrest was very patient and stuck with me until I found the perfect place - he knew I wasn't willing to settle, so he wasn't going to settle either. When we did find the perfect place, Forrest presnted our offer in person and ensured that we were victorious in a multiple offer situation. I've been in my place for a year now and I'm loving it!

- Tobie Patterson


A friend of mine recommended Forrest Missar to me when I decided to sell my house in Vancouver. He helped make the house presentable and helped beyond what I would have expected of an "average realtor".

The house looked so nice after his team helped make it so presentable that I almost did not want to move. He gave me good advice on correctly pricing my place and it sold quickly for a price that I was very satisfied with.

I would recommend him to any prospective client to either sell or buy.

- Richard Roussin


Mr. Missar displayed outstanding accountability, professionalism, and most importantly responsive, friendly cooperation when dealing with a post-possession clean-up issue that spiralled quickly upwards in cost. Fantastic example of how a true professional handles issues, whether they come up before or after the ink on the paycheque is dry! Thank you Forrest, looking forward to the next one!

- From a fellow Realtor®


My husband and I were looking for a home for quite some time, my husband had visited other properties with Forest and really loved his energy and attention to detail.

Forests advice was invaluable, when we finally purchased our house, and guess what.. we bought the house for a ridiculously great deal. Forest is always available to help you through the process, he always made us feel important and helped us find out all the information we needed to know. This was an unbelievable positive experience. Thank you Forest for helping us get such a wonderful property and deal.

- Ravi Beech


Forrest helped us sell our previous home and buy our new one. Our previous place was on the market with another agent for the year before with only one offer which we were not happy with. Forrest sold our home in a week and helped us negotiate a fair price. With the purchase of our current home, Forrest was great! He showed us many, many options in various parts of Greater Vancouver. He carefully considered our needs when buying a home and was patient with our requests. It was a real pleasure working with Forrest. He will be our go-to realtor from now on. 

- Olena Guseva


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